Jalapeño Lime Roast Chicken

March 21, 2017


  Happy spring!! Tomorrow will be a whopping 32 degrees. Blergggg. But that’s kinda how every March is, right?? It always blows my mind that spring starts in March because for this New England girl, March just brings thoughts of cold and snow. This afternoon, I actually heard a lady on the train say, “how is it 50 degrees in the middle of winter??” I wanted to be like, “hiiii, it’s spring.” But even I was having trouble believing it, so I just kept my thoughts to myself (also, this is Boston and we don’t generally talk to strangers on the […]

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Friday I’m in Love #11: Bright and Cheery

March 19, 2017


Hi and welcome to my Friday I’m in Love post coming at you a little late in both the month and the weekend. I feel like time has been going ridiculously fast lately, though it’s just the same as it’s always been; I’m just getting older and busier and more tired, right? Sigh. Anyway, I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seat wondering how I’m doing with my resolutions to cook more dinners from scratch this year and I have February’s report for you. This month, I cooked 14 meals, which is a number I’m pretty happy with. In […]

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