Chili Honey Roasted Grapefruit

February 28, 2017


I realllyyyy need to talk to the person who decided that two days was sufficient for a weekend. Who was this person and what did their life entail? And please give me their phone number ASAP as we need to have a serious discussion. I guarantee if he or she had polled the rest of us, we’d all have told them that we absolutely require three days per weekend. Right?? The way I see it, you need a day to hang out with friends and family, a day to run errands and clean/prep for the upcoming week, and a day to […]

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Blood Orange Mussels with Pomegranate Lime Linguine

February 21, 2017


Winter fruits are my everything. And I swear that they were put on Earth to give us something bright and happy and delicious in the deep dark depths of freezing cold winter. BUT I can’t even complain about winter right now because I just looked at the 10-day forecast and it is allegedly, going to be above 40 degrees for the next 10 days. In Boston! In February! With, I swear I’m not joking, weather in the mid-60s later this week. While a part of me is a little bit frightened (hi, global warming), I’m also pretty thrilled to feel some warmth […]

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Caesar Salad Pizza -- Thin crust pizza topped with Caesar salad, cheese, and baby spinach |

Caesar Salad Pizza

January 23, 2017

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