Watermelon Rosé Slushies

July 27, 2016


Have you read any good books this summer? Sometimes I fantasize about taking an entire week off from work and doing nothing but reading. Of course, this will never happen. If I did happen to take a week off from work without having plans, I’d most likely spend 50% of that in the kitchen, 25% sleeping, and 25% zoning out in front of my computer. And I’d end the week with a huge stack of unread books and a major deficit in my vacation time. Also, I’d still be pale. To be fair, I also often dream about taking a week […]

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10 Reasons You Need to Visit Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, Vermont

July 25, 2016


Last month, I was invited to spend a weekend at the Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain in Vergennes, Vermont. Before accepting the invitation, I did a little research on the resort. It looked a little bit more outdoorsy and adventure-y than I typically like my vacations, but it also looked beautiful and quaint and all around New England-y. I decided I was in and packed my bags and made my way up to Vermont, along with my husband (there’s nothing better than being able to bring a guest on a press trip!). And from the second we arrived, I knew I […]

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