Chili Lime Salmon Over Coconut Rice

April 24, 2017


When I’m not listening to the Hamilton soundtrack (including the mixtape edition) or alternative country music while I’m cooking, I’m most likely listening to a podcast.  A few of my favorite “you can find me in the kitchen” podcasts include Gretchen Rubin’s Happier, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons (I just finished season two and am so sad it’s over), Spilled Milk, Bon Appétit Foodcast, Burnt Toast, Splendid Table, America’s Test Kitchen’s Podcast, and Milk Street Radio. But I love all those trendy podcasts, too… I alsojust finished S-Town and Missing Richard Simmons. I have a lot to say about S-Tow, but […]

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What I Read: March 2017 | Book Recommendations for You

April 22, 2017


Are you someone who hates book spoilers or are you OK with them? I’d say I’m somewhere in between… I prefer to be surprised, but if I know what a book is about or read a book after watching the movie version, I’m OK with it. Chris will literally not listen to me talk about a book if it’s one he’s planning to read, too… Even if I just want to comment on something that it says on the back of the book, he will shush me. He has a serious fear of spoilers! I just saw an article about […]

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