Espresso Doughnuts with Vanilla Sweet Cream Icing

July 19, 2016


I really do think my life would be exponentially better if it involved daily doughnuts. Not like I couldn’t experiment quite easily if I wanted to just to prove my theory correct. I walk by about 30 different Dunkin’ Donuts on my way to work every morning and every morning I briefly consider picking up a doughnut. The coffee shop I normally go to has Doughnut Thursdays and those beauties are even more difficult to resist. I keep thinking that if doughnuts would actually make my life better, does a little bit of weight gain really matter? Why not just go for […]

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Peanut Butter Banana Pupcakes

July 12, 2016


Happy 1st birthday to my sweet, sweet pup Winnie! Who ever thought I’d be the kind of person who would bake cupcakes (sorry, I mean pupcakes) for her dog’s birthday and then write an entire post about them? Well, to be fair, anyone who knows me well probably could have predicted that one. But honestly, when we made the decision to get a dog just a little over a year ago, I never realized how much personality she would have or how freaking much I would love her. She is the absolute best companion and so incredibly adorable and sweet. Her extreme […]

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