So lately I’ve been really into having breakfast for dinner. I’m guessing this is because I get ready for work in about one minute flat in the morning and never have time to eat a real breakfast at home… other than on the weekend. I saw this recipe for Whole Grain Pancakes with Wild Blueberry-Maple Syrup in February’s Bon Appetit. I drooled. And obviously had to make it:

The recipe actually called for frozen wild blueberries (for the maple syrup) but it was about .2 degrees out and the idea of going outside made me want to cry… so all I had in the freezer were frozen wild mixed berries from Trader Joe’s… which if I must say, tasted perfectly lovely!

Ummm and yeah… of course I had to have bacon and eggs (with green onions and Gruyere cheese) too. Because really… why wouldn’t I?

Ooooh, what a way to end the day :)